Hearts 'n' Hands - Product Sales Support Opportunities

As described in the Hearts 'n' Hands - Pet Treat Program page, the participants of Hearts 'n' Hands Work Enrichment are accountable for most aspects of the production and packaging of our Hearts 'n' Hands dog biscuit treats. In order for our participants to grow in proficiency and independence within the pet treat program, repetitive training and hands-on baking practice is necessary. The resulting pet treats need to be sold to cover the cost of their production, to help meet our goal of eventually providing part-time employment, and to avoid waste.

The participants take the initiative to sell the pet treats on their own and at sales events but they need your help to keep their business running. Below is a list of just a few ways you could help.
  • Purchase Hearts ‘n’ Hands Pet Treats – these are all natural treats for your pets and make great gifts too!
  • Sell Hearts ‘n’ Hands Pet Treats - ask your friends, fellow pet owners, colleagues, and anyone else you think might enjoy these wonderful treats
  • Promote Hearts ‘n’ Hands Pet Treats - hand out Hearts ‘n’ Hands Pet Treats flyers, talk to your pet’s vet the next time you visit to see if they might sell the treats and/or perhaps provide a testimonial for the product, use your social networking connections to promote the Hearts 'n' Hands pet treats (e.g., Facebook, Twitter)

For additional information, please contact the program director Shana Riley at: srriley@heartsnhandsco.org or call 720-771-7891.